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Out of Reach

When aid climbing, it’s often necessary to “top step” in your aiders or etriers in order to reach the next placement. If the next placement is just out of reach, the inventive aid climber will try just about anything to get to that elusive crack, flake, pocket, jug or hook. [more]

Passive Piton Placements

Pitons are being used less today as climbers become more aware of the need to climb with a minimal impact on the environment, even aid climbers are leaving their pegs at home only taking them out when an epic is on the cards. [more]

Make your own plastic climbing holds 

I'm sure you've all read articles telling you how easy and cheap it is to make wooden climbing holds. [more]

How to Calculate Mechanical Advantage of a hauling system

Hauling systems are useful to reduce the effort required to lift a load. Climbers, rescuers and many others use hauling or mechanical advantage systems for a variety of tasks. [more]

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